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Beyond The Pause – 25 Episodes in 25 Days

At the beginning of January we wrote a blog called  The Start of a New Decade of Travel Management which looked at key considerations for the 2020’s.

None of us had any ideas what was about to hit our industry and the entire world and in the weeks and months that have followed the impact of COVID-19 has changed everything in our industry and our lives.  Predictions that we made about leading with vision, the importance of differentiation and the emergence of the “Triple P” procurement approach are still valid as we adapt to a new existence and start to consider what our industry will look like as we start to plan our way out of this episode.

This pause and period of lockdown presents many challenges, but we should also try to embrace the opportunity that presents itself to take stock of travel programmes and better prepare for the return.

At The Business Travel Show at Olympia in London in February, FESTIVE ROAD interviewed 25 senior industry leaders from across the industry to get their view on what is important when reviewing travel strategy programmes and structures.  We had planned to release the videos over the course of the year but when we reached out to our industry the overwhelming response was to make them available now to help inform and shape emerging strategies post COVID-19.

The full “In Conversation With…” series can be viewed on our FESTIVE ROAD YouTube channel here or on our LinkedIn page.  We hope you find them insightful and useful for the longer term planning of our sector.

We’d like to thank all of the industry leaders below who devoted their time to chat with us and help us think about the future of travel management.