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  • Traveller and company demands for a great UX, great content and seamless control & processes are growing
  • Policy and authorisation capabilities need reviewing by OBT AND Corporates
  • OBTs need to think differently to remain relevant for the future
  • Travel managers need to gain greater control over their digitized service
  • There has never been a better time to create true TMC differentiation
  • Finding the right fit partner means the right culture, capabilities and commercials
  • The growth of the platform TMC and digitilisation
  • NDC content is beginning to emerge for real
  • Travel programs should be getting ready by understanding corporate need and talking to airlines & supply chain
  • The traditional sourcing approach for air will change
  • The annual RFP is being challenged
  • The OTA is making greater in-roads into travel management
  • Traveller choice appears to be driving new travel program strategies
  • Integration with Travel is real and yielding benefits
  • Status Quo on Technology Integration capability is being challenged
  • Simple Meetings – no longer ‘too hard’, real solutions exist
Travel Management Strategy
  • Aligning your travel programme with your (future) company culture and objectives is key
  • Understanding your travellers needs and what’s out there is vital too
  • Find a trusted “friend” to get uncomfortable with to redefine why and what you do

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