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Changing traveller demands and new technology set to lead to an era of unprecedented change in business travel

Changes across Data, Distribution and Demand are creating landscape changes which travel managers are increasingly finding challenging to address with the traditional travel management programme. Mobile is already exacerbating the issues they face and which seem to be occupying the travel managers time on a daily basis.

We were delighted to be asked by Barclaycard to help develop a true picture of the challenges and the implications for travel management, but also to go one step further.  To provide a glimpse into emerging travel management strategies or eco-systems.

In our report, based on field research, we assess that there are two levels of persona.  The Foundation persona requires the travel manager to seriously consider a more liberated, open booking style approach compared to the traditional, command approach.  The Strategic persona requires the travel manager to align travel management objectives with those of their company.  We identify three key emerging strategic personas.

Download the PDF to find out more.

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