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At FESTIVE ROAD our mission is to create better. And that means thinking differently about the way we deliver our thought leadership, to create a better experience with those of you who like to engage with us on all things industry.

So, alongside the release of Macroscope 2.0, we’re also launching our new, FESTIVE ROAD podcast.

Each trend featured in our Macroscope 2.0 report has its own podcast episode, where two of our Roaders talk listeners through the trend and then dig deeper into the detail in a 30-minute conversation. We feature Roaders from all walks of travel and meeting management – from M&E specialist Meredith Smith, to our in-house Data mastermind James Windsor, to Managing Partner Caroline Strachan.

The podcasts can be listened to in their entirety, as standalone episodes, or as a supplement to the written report, for those of you who want to really get into the micro detail of the macro trends.

Our hope is that however you choose to consume the latest business travel insight, we have you covered.

Look out for more details on our LinkedIn pages, or sign up here for early access to each episode as it drops.

And if you just can’t wait, you can download a copy of the Macroscope 2.0 paper here