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Our Story

Where it all started

Our founders, Paul Tilstone and Caroline Strachan had worked in different corners of the corporate travel industry for a collective 55 years when they co-founded FESTIVE ROAD in 2016. Their intent was clear and simple: to create better travel and meetings management.

Throughout their decades in the industry, both Caroline and Paul experienced firsthand the challenge of driving true change, but they never stopped pushing for it. As self-described “corporate rebels,” both had experienced the inherent conflicts within the sector that keep many from being able to challenge the status quo. And it wasn’t just them – travel buyers were continually sharing that they wanted to see more action in the industry as well.

Rebels and disruptors

It felt like the entire market was in need of rebels and disruptors – which is why our two founders, Caroline and Paul – two wildly different people in many respects – decided to form a partnership to create the kind of company they longed to work for: one that operated independently, wasn’t afraid to challenge the market, and was obsessed with creating genuine, lasting change in corporate travel. And, while they were at it, a company that put the whole person first long before that was the norm – a place where prioritizing their family didn’t require an explanation, and all the team had time to enjoy living, not just working. Over the years we have attracted talented people who arrive, ready for something different, ready for the benefits our open culture providers, that is once they’ve been through their corporate detox!

Most importantly, the team enjoys an incredible referral rate from its satisfied clients – an impressive “who’s who” of corporate travel buyers.

A global consultancy

Now, well FESTIVE ROAD is a global consultancy with Roaders on three continents. The organization is regularly looked to as a thought leader in the industry, creating original conversations around purposeful travel, traveller experience, and other significant trends that will shape our sector for years to come. Most importantly, the team enjoys a 98%* referral rate from its satisfied clients – an impressive “who’s who” of corporate travel buyers who credit FESTIVE ROAD with helping them think differently and push the boundaries of how they’ve approached travel in the past.

These days, our Roaders think about how to create better travel and meetings management every single day. They’re driven by the impact they can have on other human beings and their desire to create lasting change in the industry – a task that only seems to grow more important and relevant with each passing year.

*We’d rather this was 100% but that’s OK, we get we’re not for everyone.

Every hero needs a good origin story

Niche, British animation series character Mr Benn was a man with a passion for costumes and the adventures they would take him on. During each adventure he became skilled at solving problems through collaboration and applying the lessons he learned from previous adventures. In each episode he discovered in his suit a souvenir of his adventure whilst returning to his home... on FESTIVE ROAD.

Mr Benn and the FESTIVE ROAD story represents the simplicity of our approach to clients. We “put on their clothes” and immerse ourselves in their world. We use our independent perspective to help them solve issues through our knowledge and networks. We learn from each client experience and use our enhanced knowledge to enrich our expertise and help the next client.


Ready to create better
travel & meetings management