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Our Values


How do we make decisions at FESTIVE ROAD in the best interests of you and our people? More than pretty words on a wall, these values guide our every decision and represent the very essence of who we are and why we do the work we do in the way we do it. There’s no better way to get to know us than this.


Let’s face it – this is a highly interconnected industry with a lot of complex relationships. That’s the very reason why we created FESTIVE ROAD – because it was high time for buyers to have access to unbiased, strategic guidance to move them forward. We don’t have an agenda and are beholden to none, which empowers each of our Roaders to focus on what’s best for our clients.


We’re totally transparent about how we do business, we only work with buyer organisations, we accept no referral fees and have no “special arrangements” or revenues from any supplier. At FESTIVE ROAD, we’re an open book, and we hope to inspire others in the travel industry to follow suit.


Like a good friend, we care about and respect you and each other, or we wouldn’t be working together! But we’re also the friend who will say when there’s something that needs to be said but which others don’t have the courage to say. One of our clients describes it best: “FESTIVE ROAD is our Kool-Aid prevention kit!” We consider that high praise.


Our Roaders aren’t just seasoned industry experts – they’re thoughtful, creative folks whose vibrant lives outside of work make them and their work even better. Roaders are empowered to live fully into who they are in all aspects of their work. As a result, clients tell us we’re interesting and fun to collaborate with, and we’ve seen time and again how enjoyable work creates better results.


We truly live by our mission to create better travel and meetings management. If the work we’re doing doesn’t truly make a difference for our clients or the industry at large, we simply won’t do it.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us!

These attributes all underpin the way we work. It’s our special sauce. It’s what makes FESTIVE ROAD tick. We encourage all potential clients to think whether we’re a right fit. Different consultancies each have different personalities, ultimately this will be the make or break as to whether you enjoy working with your chosen consultancy (well that’s what our clients tell us anyway!)


Ready to create better
travel & meetings management