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The Macro Changes Affecting Travel Management in 2024 and Beyond

Following the success of the initial MACROSCOPE REPORT, we are delighted to bring you an updated version 2.0, designed to support business travel and meetings professionals to #CreateBetter for the individuals and organisations they support.

The version incorporates the insights gained from countless conversations, discussions and engagements with business travel and meeting professionals since the initial report was published in 2022.

Along with updated versions of the original eight trends, there is a new ninth trend – Disruption at the very core.

We hope the report will support you, providing the structure you need to create the future vision for your travel and meetings program. We know you need more than headlines, so we will continue providing opportunities to engage with us to discuss the trends and their impact, enabling you to #CreateBetter travel and meetings management programs.

We welcome your feedback on this report and invite you to share your thoughts at

We hope that this report will help you shape your travel programme in 2024 and beyond.

The team at FESTIVE ROAD.


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Test how robust and agile your travel management strategy, programme and role are against the eight macro trends. You’ll receive an instant assessment and then a follow up with benchmarks across your peers.

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Option 2 – A Team Presentation

There’s no better way to kick-start a programme re-think than walking your whole travel management team through these macro trends in detail. But you don’t need to do it, just ask us if we can. We may just say yes!

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