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The Macro Changes Affecting Travel Management in 2022 and Beyond

The future of our sector has never been more challenging, nor more fascinating.  The potential to shine is palpable but knowing where to focus and what to do is the key.  Not getting it right has consequences, more than ever before.

As an independent consultancy we are often and increasingly being asked to share what we see happening across the business travel and meetings sector to help people and companies frame their decisions. So, we decided to draft a broad, macroscopic view of the sector detailing eight key considerations for the future of travel management strategy, policy, and service need. 

This forms the bedrock of FESTIVE ROAD’s call to action for 2022 to “Create Better” travel and meetings management and better supplier engagement in our sector, to work together for a new, brighter future.

This report builds on the work we completed in 2020 on the Permissible Travel Framework and in 2021 on the Purposeful Travel Model. It provides the headlines as we see it, to help you structure your future vision. But we know you need more than headlines, so we’ll be ensuring we provide opportunities to go deeper throughout the year on each of the key influences as part of our industry mission to create better travel & meetings management.

We welcome your feedback on this report and invite you to share your thoughts with us at

We hope that this report will help you shape your travel programme in 2022 and beyond.

Paul Tilstone & Caroline Strachan
Managing Partners of FESTIVE ROAD


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Option 2 – A Team Presentation

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