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Creating a Permissible Travel Programme to Prepare for Travel in a Covid-19 Era

Welcome! If you are reading this you recognise the importance of preparing for the return of travel for your company, when safe to do so, in this Covid-19 era.

At FESTIVE ROAD, the majority of our team has managed complex, global travel programmes for 10+ years. We each know how difficult it is to be on the frontline, dealing with layers of uncertainty and multiple dimensions, all of which change daily.  So, we asked ourselves what we could do to help the Travel Manager community to prepare for a post Covid-19 world.

As a team we pooled our “hive-mind” collective knowledge and worked with our outsourced travel programme clients to fine tune a Permissible Travel Programme to help our sector prepare for the return of business travel.

In short, the framework is built around the principle that Company readiness + Employee readiness + Government permission = Permissible Travel

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We know our framework won’t be perfect, but in times like these, speed and starting somewhere always beats perfection. So, if you spot a gap in the framework, we are open to suggestions for improvement, please do tell us!

We will continually update / improve this document and issue updated versions to those who wish to receive it, so do let us know using the button above if you would like the updates.

What is the plan? We use our FESTIVE ROAD Managed Travel Model (MTM) to guide clients on getting their programme right in normal times, so it seems sensible to use this tried and tested model to build the post Covid-19 framework. This assessment will take you through a series of questions to help you plan a temporary programme, however long that temporary period may be.

By working through a standardised framework, we can all learn from each other whilst creating the unique Permissible Travel Programmes we will all need to operate under in the post Covid-19 world.

We trust this supports you on your mission for a faster return to travel and ultimately better travel management. We’re here to support and cheerlead you along the way. Good luck!

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