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Following months of deep listening exercises, surveys and audience interaction at industry events, we are delighted to bring our latest piece of work to the industry to support our mission to #CreateBetter. Now, the TMC Partnership Performance Report is here, in our usual “Coffee Book” style format!

Our report highlights 6 key areas across capabilities and culture with substantial gaps between perceived importance by the travel buyer versus the reality delivered by the partnership.

To read the study in detail:

The coffee book is designed to provide buyers and TMCs with useful insights to create dialogue and to enable better sourcing and better relationship management to help all parties to #CreateBetter partnerships.

We’ll be bringing you a box set featuring leading industry figures from the corporate and TMC space.  They’ll be offering their insights on why the gaps exist and what they think we should do to close the gap between perceived importance and the reality of delivery in those six critical areas across culture and capabilities.

We welcome your feedback on this report and invite you to share your thoughts with us at

We hope this report will support you with your TMC/buyer partnerships through 2023 and beyond.

Lora Ellis & Katie Virtue

Lora Ellis
Principal - Buyer Consulting
Katie Virtue
Principal - Supplier Consulting


If you’re a travel buyer or TMC & you enjoyed these insights
what’s your next step?

Option 1 – Complete our ‘TMC/Buyer Partnership Illuminator’

Test how your TMC/buyer partnership measures up and benchmark it against other programmes to see how your relationship performs, giving vital insights to enable you to better manage the culture and capabilities of your TMC partnership.

Complete the TMC Partnership Illuminator

Option 2 – Ask us to present to your Travel Management team

There’s no better way to review your programme and consider how you can close the gaps on capabilities and culture than walking the whole team through your TMC/Buyer Partnership.  Just drop us a note to see how we can help you to #CreateBetter.

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