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At the beginning of September 2022, the whole FESTIVE ROAD consulting team gathered as one, in person, to meet, eat, celebrate and plan for the future of the company.  We met together for four days in the beautiful city of Lisbon, joined by an independent, expert facilitator. We call the gathering our “FESTIVE-ALL”.

FESTIVE-ALL T-shirts, game show hosts in sparkly jackets, and team scavenger hunts were blended with celebrating success and team workshops to define our values and culture, focus on ensuring quality and much more, all delivered using engaging and creative formats.

The morning workshops were coupled with afternoons of team activity, including a graffiti session at Lisbon’s Galeria de Arte Urbana where the team worked together to create a giant tag of FESTIVE ROAD’s #CreateBetter mission.

Managing partner, Caroline Strachan said of the FESTIVE-ALL, “The Consulting FESTIVE-All is a dedicated time of year when we can come together to reflect on who we are, what we do and why we do it, and to involve the whole team in defining the answers to those questions.

And Paul Tilstone, managing partner, added, “We first came together in 2019 like this and it was clear just how important that time together was to help us navigate the years that were to come.  We chose Lisbon after carefully considering the impact to our objectives, the cost and carbon of bringing our people together for four intensely purposeful days. We had such an amazing time co-creating our future together, we can’t wait to now put it all into practice.”

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