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1st April, 2019. London.



At FESTIVE ROAD we love to challenge the status quo and take a little glimpse into the future. And our position in the industry affords us a great vantage point to be able to make some interesting predictions.

So, we asked ourselves, “What’s next in aviation as a result of personalization?”

The answer…one simple, evocative word: “Flockchain™”

Our vision tells us that the meeting of drone technology, hyper-mobility, personalization, AI and sustainability in aviation will result in the creation of one-person sized drones which will take the traveler direct from their door to a local drone-hub. There, these drones will link up with those of other travelers going in the same direction to create what’s called a Flockchain™. The combined drone power of the Flockchain™ creates an efficient aviation craft whilst allowing individuals to drop off at key points along the journey when their destination appears. Boom…aviation at an absolute personal level.

This may seem far-fetched but it seems that FESTIVE ROAD aren’t alone in our vision.

When we asked eminent aviation professor, Doctor Avril Poisson, she had this to say, “I can envision something like Flockchain™ right now. Of course, there’s navigation, air pressure, fuel and a few other minor details like that to sort out but IATA’s NDC and One Order will take care of that, surely? Flockchain™ is the future and I bet you my signed copy of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley that it will be in play before you can say hashtag BeTheRoad.”

We also asked resident “Blockchain” expert and Danish travel technology wizard, Johnny Thorsen, for his view when we saw him at a recent conference he was speaking at…again.
“Blockchain…it’s so 2018…but this Flockchain™ thing…well, it’s really got something. In fact, I can actually tell you that I am advising a Flockchain™ startup who is focusing on creating the loyalty points infrastructure for this new way of traveling – the traditional point systems are not designed to manage micro-flights where passengers can drop out at any time so we need a more dynamic and flexible platform for managing the “Floints™” which will be accumulated. I naturally expect the startup to be bought up by a major aviation player within months….”



FESTIVE ROAD is on a mission for better business travel and meetings management. Headed by business travel thought leaders Paul Tilstone and Caroline Strachan, together with their network of international Roaders, they provide strategy, sourcing and delivery services to the buyer community and strategy, marketing and delivery services to the supplier community. The FESTIVE ROAD team has been recognised multiple times in prominent industry leader lists and industry awards as leading lights in the global business travel market since 2007.

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