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Integrity Charter

Integrity Charter

The Festive Road Integrity Charter

Our credibility is critical to your business success and ours. We want to ensure your business is protected and there’s never any misunderstanding in the role we play.


To ensure that your data is secure, protected and treated with respect we have introduced a number of business-critical elements:

Data Protection Law: FESTIVE ROAD is registered in both the UK and USA. We comply with all European & US data protection laws, including GDPR. For further information please see our Privacy Policy.

Secure Systems: We use secure, password protected, cloud-based systems to store documents so you can always be confident that access is controlled and monitored.

NDA: All of our projects operate under a confidentiality agreement or NDA.


As a consultancy, we may occasionally work with competing organisations or with industry stakeholders who have an existing or potential business relationship. It is important we have in place structures to ensure any conflict of interest is removed.

Being Upfront: Integrity starts with transparency. Before we start work with you, we ensure you are aware of any potential conflicts of interest to ensure we take all necessary actions from the very beginning to protect your business. And, we’ll update you should anything change whilst you remain a client.

Protecting Insights & Reputations: Our “Chinese Walls” aren’t just virtual, they’re physical too. If a potential conflict is identified, all documents and discussions are electronically ringfenced and access is limited to only those Roaders who are directly working on your business.


We work across the value chain, so, where appropriate, we naturally provide connections and opportunities to your business outside of the scope of the agreed project. This might be proposing you to speak at an event or introducing you to a prospective client/supplier at a networking event if we think there’s a great fit. However, it’s important to note our independent position will always lead our actions.

No Commissions or Sales Projects: We never agree to act as sales agents at any time for suppliers and refuse any form of commission proposals.

On Stage for The Right Reason: We only ever put our clients forward for conference sessions if we believe they are the most suitable. For this reason, please don’t expect to be on stage at an event we are supporting just because you are a client.

Connecting People: Whether we are mentoring an individual or working for a client at a corporate level, we take great pride in being able to connect the dots and bring people together. We only ever do so out of interest for both parties and are never rewarded financially for doing so.

The Independence to Challenge: At FESTIVE ROAD we pride ourselves on the independent position we hold in the market and the connections we have to industry commentators like the press. We reserve the right at all times to talk freely about an industry issue, regardless of our clients’ interests. We will never criticise specific companies publicly, but we must be free to speak our minds, and that may mean that we challenge the very sector in which you operate.


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