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Re-Wiring the TMC Sourcing Process
Calling All Industry Collaborators

Today we challenge the industry to “re-wire” the TMC RFP process.

Why?  Because there are clearly some key indicators which lead us to believe the time has come to re-think the process and benefits of the TMC RFP:

  • At the GBTA convention the majority of buyers who visited the FESTIVE ROAD “Re-Train-Your-Brain” stand voted for a different way of sourcing and working with TMCs as one of their top needs.
  • FESTIVE ROAD TMC clients have shared how laborious and frustrating the traditional TMC RFP process is.
  • At the same time, FESTIVE ROAD buyer clients have shared concerns over how limiting the existing RFP process is in allowing TMCs to truly differentiate themselves at the sourcing stage.
  • Distribution changes across air, ground and hotel categories and the development of decision driving data and artificial intelligence are leading to new service offerings and greater differentiation which needs highlighting in TMC sourcing.

We have listened to our clients on both sides of the process and have to say we wholeheartedly agree.  We think there’s a better way too.

So, if you’re a buyer with a strong view, or a great idea, let us know.  If you’re a TMC who has some positive viewpoints or has experienced a great example already, then get in touch.

We are committed to listening hard to people’s views and ideas, after which we will replay back to the industry what a great re-wired process could look like.

FESTIVE ROAD has created a special e-mail address for anyone to submit thoughts, ideas and interest in collaborating.


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