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Do you remember the dating process as it used to be? Awkward requests, the unknown of a second date? Well, if you haven’t dated for a while you may not have experienced all the changes in how dating works these days.

Replace all those awkward moments above with a swipe left and you can consider your next potential partner – done – the search for suitors made easy! Virtual technology has added a different dimension to how many people look for their match these days and the process is getting ever more inventive.

And the same can be said of finding the right business partner.

For example, at FESTIVE ROAD we have found that virtual components added to a Travel Management Company (TMC) sourcing exercise can bring our clients insights they would never previously have got, and this helps them to find a better match.

You can read all about how we used virtual communication to provide extra insights to a sourcing exercise we recently ran for Electronic Arts here.

The Art of a Great Relationship is Listening…

About two years ago we listened hard to many buyers and TMCs about the TMC RFP process and as a result we founded a unique sourcing approach based on the 3 Cs – Culture, Capabilities & Commercials. Given that times have changed so much, we want to listen again, to help travel buyers to better source what’s needed in a post-Covid era.  Whilst we will use the insights you provide us in this short (6 question) survey, we’ll also play the results back to you and the industry.

We’re listening on behalf of you all.

…and Giving Occasional Gifts

We’ll also be presenting the results of our listening exercise at a TMC Sourcing workshop on the 7th April at the BTN Travel Procurement Virtual Workshop Series.  As a friend of FESTIVE ROAD you can use code TPFestive and you’ll receive complimentary registration, saving you $95.

Thanks for your interest in FESTIVE ROAD.  We’ll be back in touch soon with the results of our survey.  If you have any questions in the meantime, then please drop us a note at and we’ll be happy to help.


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